Collaboration is the beating heart of today’s workforce. At companies both big and small, employees are constantly working with both their internal teams and across departments. Yet, the usual layout for general office spaces keeps workers apart through cubicles, partitions, and other means of separation.

In this post, we explain the need to open up workspaces to make collaboration easier and improve the work environment. By the end, you’ll understand the main reasons to transform your general office space for the better.

Let’s get to our advice!

Centralize Small Teams

At a small business, workers can be spread across different locations. Full-time, part-time, and freelance employees at your company can make it hard to find a single, physical location for you all to work. Sure, working from home or a coffee shop is convenient. But, a central office brings your team together to work efficiently.

Your team can get to know one another on a more personal level by working in an office. Also, you can better align your work schedule to standard work hours. Companies such as Officentric even offer 24/7 building access for your workers to come into the office any time of day or night.

Encourage Collaboration

The innovation that fuels our economy relies on collaboration. Nowadays, people are working not only within their departments but across specialties to create new products and solutions. The challenge is finding enough spaces for different teams to productively ideate and create.

By creating an open floor plan in your general office space, you get rid of the physical dividers that keep employees apart.Your team can communicate much easier and faster with each other. By having spaces for smaller groups to huddle and work together, you’ll find that collaboration comes naturally.

Create Active Environment

We’re big believers in the power of an office community. In fact, we wrote about how our office managers create friendly shared offices. Employees thrive in an environment that promotes sharing of ideas. With the flexibility of an open office, you can create dynamic spaces for employees to work independently and in groups.

Workers start to develop synergy with each other. Teams talk more and stay transparent in their plans. An open floor plan is a reflection of a company that values honesty and openness. It’s no wonder that people thrive in shared office spaces across the world.

Where to Find the Right Open Floor Office

An office with an open look and feel can bring your team together and help them innovate. If your team has outgrown your current office, do your research on alternate office options. You can also find out how Officentric can match the right general office space to your team’s needs.

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