Fear of failure is probably the biggest factor holding people back from starting a business or pursuing projects and careers we are truly passionate about. We fear not doing a good job, making mistakes, or completely missing the mark altogether when we take that leap into the unknown. Failure, however, too many is necessary. We learn so many things about ourselves and the world around us when we fail. Most entrepreneurs and successful icons today have failed at one point in their lives–JK Rowling, Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein and Walt Disney to name a few. Failure is about perspective. It has value if we can learn from it and move on. Failure is all about how we react.

Failure teaches us that it’s not the end of the world.

There is more to come beyond the one moment when you feel like it has all fallen apart. There are more clients out there, more books to be written and even more businesses to be launched. The world continues to thrive around us and we alone decide whether or not we want to pick it back up and try again. Acknowledge that it happened and get back out there.

You put your values and priorities in perspective.

When you fail, you learn to focus on the things that really matter, in your business and in your life. Even when you fail, there are things that endure. The business may have missed the mark financially, but maybe you build an amazing company culture in the process and there are teams that will follow you again, regardless of the outcome. You have the opportunity to analyze and process where things were done well and where there were gaps. You take each one as a lesson for the future.

Failure makes you a better person.

Those who have failed have a different perspective and approach to life and business. Every opportunity and every win, no matter how small, means just a little bit more. If you experience failure and come back from it, you will be more resilient and determined. There’s a reason why sayings like “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”. Our experiences are valuable and shape our personalities. Experiences of failure have a profound impact on who we become no matter what stage we are in our lives.

Failure is difficult–there’s no denying or avoiding it. But it’s what we choose to do after that makes us who we are and sets us up for future success. If we can learn to rise above those moments, we will surely be better off in the long run.