One of the joys of many freelance and contract positions is flexibility. Flexibility to sleep in and work later. Flexibility to work from home in whatever attire you should choose. So, why with that desirable flexibility, would one choose to go into an office? Coworking isn’t about going into an office setting because you have to; but rather because you want to be in a community environment that cultivates creativity.

We’ve narrowed down the long list of pros to our Top 5 Benefits of Coworking:

A Change of Scenery:

If you’ve ever worked from home, you know that it can be difficult to transition into a working state of mind. Your bed is right there, the TV is so accessible, and there is always laundry to be done. By taking you out of that familiar setting, it makes it easier to get into a work mentality where you can focus and be productive.

Perfect for Startups:

When you’re starting a business, keeping your overhead low is key. And, for many, eliminating a full-time office space is the key. Coworking spaces, like Officentric, offer the flexible of daily, weekly and monthly desk and office rentals. Maybe you and your new team need to get together biweekly. Rather than pay rent to time unused, get meeting space for just the time you need. Put that rent to much more important aspects of your budding business.

A Place for Networking:

Coworking spaces are very popular with entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs rely heavily on their networks of professionals. Do you see where we are going with this? Coworking is all about collaboration, but not necessarily in the traditional sense. You’re not going to Officentric to work directly with other visitors, but you will feed off of each other’s productivity, creativity and knowledge. It’s also the ideal place to meet new professionals and build important partnerships. Not to mention, this is also a great place to find the help that you may need. Web designers, graphic artists, copywriters, social network gurus, they are all at your fingertips.

Joining a Community:

Working from home, while fantastic in many aspects can be isolating. One reason you see so many laptops at coffee shops. Those without the traditional office to go to often need a bit of human interaction–even if it is just the sounds of steaming milk and latte orders. In coworking spaces, you get to be around people, but aren’t forced to socialize. You get to do, well, whatever you want. At Officentric, we are working to cultivate a community atmosphere that our coworkers can identify with.

Finding New Ideas:
Close to the coworking benefit of networking, when you are working in shared spaces you have the opportunity to pick up or absorb new ideas from those around you. It could be from people in your specific industry, or from those in related fields. Just think how a copywriter could learn from a digital strategist. Or what a UX developer could take from a designer. As startups, small business owners, or freelancers, it’s imperative to stay ahead of the curve and to continue learning. Coworking spaces can be just that edge you need to get ahead and stay there.