The modern workspace is nothing like what it was a few years ago. Thanks to cloud mobility and current technology (oh and Millennials), employees are demanding more flexibility and mobile working environments. What’s even better is that the modern employer is adopting this model quickly.

More companies than ever before are hiring remote employees or allowing their employees to work remotely a few days a week. Not only has this been proven to increase productivity, it has also proven to increase employee satisfaction.

Breakthroughs in technology have created new jobs and office space needs that weren’t in-demand in prior generations. So how to brands prepare for the future?


Mobile Workspace:

More and more employers are beginning to use the motto “its not about where you work, but how you work.” As Millennials enter the workforce and Babyboomers leave it, employees are demanding flexibility in the way that they work. Gone are the days of working from set times, on set devices. Millennials are the most connected generation to date and look at an average of 10 screens per day.


Today, employees want to feel like the company they work for is a good culture fit. Personalization in the work place is also important in today’s day in age. If your company promotes a healthy/active lifestyle, employees want to see healthy snacks, incentives to exercise, etc.


As the market continues to evolve and the way that employees adapt their working styles, employees are also beginning to demand more areas for growth within their company. Due to the “connected” world we now live in, employees do not have one set position anymore – more times than not, they are wearing multiple hats or have developed skills to service multiple responsibilities within their organization.


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