You know that coworking provides an affordable shared space where you can work near and network with fellow entrepreneurs and small business owners. Now, you may be looking at your budget and trying to figure out the best coworking plan. Should you come in for a day or have the convenience of a longer-term coworking pass? In this post, we’ll compare coworking benefits for different budgets. Let’s find the best coworking plan for you.


Day-to-Day Basis


Coworking on a day-to-day basis is ideal for you if you’re in a pinch and need a workspace right away. You can get away from the distractions at home or a local coffee shop and focus on your client work. With a daily coworking plan, you save money that would have been spent on a longer-term pass. We all know that every dollar counts when you’re running your own business. With single-day coworking, you still have the option of using a shared desk. If you’re looking for a one-time, low-rate fee, this is the option for you.


Week-to-Week Basis


By coworking week-to-week, you have a longer-term change of scenery. In addition to a quiet environment to focus, you also have more opportunities to get involved in your coworking community. This option is perfect for people who want to meet their coworkers, network, and attend workshops. These are people who want to look up from their screens once in awhile and have meaningful conversations with their fellow entrepreneurs and small business owners. You can save money on a per-day basis with this week-to-week coworking plan.


Month-to-Month Basis


The longest coworking option offered is for a month-to-month pass. We like to call this option the “immersive coworking experience”. With it, you can meet other workers and find out about their skills, interests, and goals in depth. You may even find a freelancer to collaborate, hire for your work, or ask for a referral. By coworking on a month-to-month basis, you can develop a stronger professional network and contribute to your coworking community. Another benefit to you is that this plan is the lowest-priced coworking option on a per-day basis.


Shared Benefits of Coworking


Though each type of coworking plan has unique advantages, they also share several advantages. For example, each coworking pass provides 24/7 building access to suit a range of workers from early birds to night owls. Also, each plan provides a fully-furnished conference room to hold meetings. Discounts on office and desk rentals are other benefits of coworking that helps your budget.


What We Learned


Coworking provides a variety of plans to fit your busy work schedule. Whether you’re interested in a daily, weekly, or monthly pass, coworking provides shared benefits such as 24/7 building access, fully-furnished conference rooms, and office and desk rentals. For an in-depth look at coworking communities, learn how you can create stronger office communities with coworking spaces.