Since the office space trend has moved towards the collaborative and open layout, it has made things harder for some businesses and employees to get the real privacy that they need when they are on important calls or dealing with sensitive information. In today’s work environment, privacy is still relevant and essential for some to be able to do their jobs. But does that mean you have to sacrifice being social in your office space?


Know your options.

If you are looking for office space, it is possible to find the perfect space that is private enough but still allows for social interactions and networking. Know what each office space provides. Find out if the coworking space has communal or open space on top of their private offices and suites. That way, you can move between a more social, open area and always have the option to work in your own office and get the peace and quiet you need when you need it.


Get a tour.

Sometimes you won’t really know how you will function in an office space until you see it in person. Most office spaces will offer a tour so that you can see all the available spaces, offices, and amenities. You can then visualize the spaces you might use and how you can still meet other colleagues. A representative will likely give you a better idea about how you might utilize different spaces and which packages or memberships best fit your needs.


Attend office events.

Many office spaces now have their own calendar of networking events and gatherings. Even if you work most of the time in your office or keep odd hours – you have a chance to benefit from social events. Set aside some time to network with your fellow office mates and get to know them outside of passing them in the halls.


Consider the location.

The location of your office space will also affect how “social” your space can be. While your office may bring you the privacy you need, what lies outside your doors could indicate its true potential. An office space that is close to other shops and restaurants can easily make it more or less social. Your location could determine how often you have impromptu outings or happy hours with your office colleagues.


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