By now, most businesses have realized that social media is a necessity to stay relevant. However, now that there are constant changes and new developments–it’s becoming less and less clear how to use social media in a strategic way to grow your customer base and following. Here are some tips for using social media for your business.


Let your team be your social:

Your social media accounts help build awareness for your brand but nothing says more than recommendations and posts that come from your own employees. It’s an easy win and something your team can do from home, the office or your coworking space. These posts will likely have more of an influence on the people in their social circles and make for more sincere and organic reach. Use your team, no matter what size, to advocate on your behalf and share a post, a promotion or a favorite product.


Video is king.

The social space is definitely moving towards more and more video. Whether it’s planned and pre-recorded or live and spontaneous. Recent research is showing that product videos directly influence purchase decisions. Videos make complex ideas more simple to understand and help consumers make more informed choices.


Social is a two-way street.

Social media is about more than just posting your own content. Your accounts will not bring people to your website or get them to purchase unless you are engaging your followers. You must comment on other people’s posts, share someone else’s content and have more meaningful interactions. Social media is a community, a shared space. Without really engaging, your social media accounts become stale.


Sales and customer service get conversational.

Social media is more than just marketing. More and more customers are researching products using their accounts like Pinterest or Instagram. They are inquiring about things with Messenger or Facebook. With social media becoming a vehicle for both sales and customer service, brands are beginning to make the most of it and engage with customers on a more casual and conversational level. Customers will expect a casual environment that fits their means of communication and will walk away with a positive and memorable experience.