If you’re used to working from home or on your own out of cafes and coffee shops, transitioning into a shared workspace can mean some adjustments. There are many great reasons to cowork, but sometimes there are missed opportunities if you don’t take advantage of everything they have to offer.

Pick your place strategically.

To make the most out of your shared workspace, pick your space strategically. Know your works style and productivity levels from the standpoint of an open desk with potential distractions and noise or the more private setting of an office. Choose the type of workspace that will benefit you and your work. If necessary, plan out different scenarios and situations and adjust accordingly. For example, bring headphones for more focused work.

Get to know the staff and amenities.

You certainly can’t make the most of your shared workspace if you aren’t sure about everything they offer. Make a point to get a full tour early on and understand all the benefits that are at your fingertips as a member. Stay up to date when there are events or announcements and take advantage of the services they provide in addition to just your desk. Officentric hosts mixers and events throughout the year and has community managers on site to help with your daily needs.

Make friends with your coworkers.

Working in a shared space means that you’ll have neighbors and other members around during the day. Take advantage of having colleagues to build relationships and connect with. It’s an easy and great way to network with other businesses and you have a built-in common ground when you share a workspace. Say hello to those around you. Be mindful and respectful of the workspace and understand that there’s a community of support that you can tap into.

A shared workspace is not only a great way to run your business and stay productive, it’s the way that the world is moving in terms of work and entrepreneurship. If you truly stay focused on making the most of the experience, it will help you in more ways than you might have imagined.

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