When people love where they work, they are happier and more productive. So, it’s not surprising that employers are looking for ways to make their offices better for their employees. Meetings are one area that can be a big waste of time. For example, a meeting without an agenda can easily get off-track. To bring this point home, an estimate by Atlassian shows that the average worker spends more than 31 hours each month in unproductive meetings. In this post, we show you how your team can get more work done in a meeting space. By the end, you’ll understand the benefits of an off-site meeting space. Let’s help your team be more productive!

Better Communication in a Single Place

When you have your whole team in the same place at the same time, you can get much more work done. Sure, it’s great to use tools such as Slack to communicate with your team, if they are around the world. But, it takes time for team members to read and respond to messages online in contrast to in person. At OffiCentric, we furnish our meeting space and make sure they are presentation ready for your team to meet in a single place.

Flexible Times for Meetings

Whether your team likes to meet first thing in the morning or late in the afternoon, we have a meeting space to fit your needs. Through our reservation system, you can reserve a meeting room by the hour and day by phone, online, or in person. Also, each of our sites has 24/7 access to suit workers who are early birds, night owls, and everything in between. For long meetings, you can make use of our beverage and catering services.

Deeper Brainstorming Sessions

As the year 2017 comes to a close, you’re probably busy at work planning your business goals for 2018. In our meeting space, you can easily carry out your brainstorming sessions. With LED HDTVs, conference phones, and printer access, you’ll have all the technology necessary to get your work done. In addition, we offer private suites that can hold up teams of up to 30 workers.

Finding the Right On-Demand Meeting Space

By using a meeting space, you can find a convenient time to meet, improve your team’s communication, and have more effective brainstorming sessions. Join OffiCentric today and we’ll give you a free pass to visit one of our office spaces for rent in California or Arizona.


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