When you are in the early stages with your company, working at home may seem ideal. But as your company begins to grow, you may start looking for places that can accommodate staff members, or maybe you just crave human interaction. No matter what your motivation may be, there are definitely certain qualities you should be looking for in finding a space that works for you. Here are some things you should consider when looking for an office space for your small startup.

Affordable Office Space:

Saving money is probably at the top of every small business owner’s mind. With a number of startup expenses on your plate, it’s likely you don’t want to deal with an expensive rent as well.

Luckily, there are a number of options when it comes to affordable office space.

One of these include co-working spaces. Here you can join with other small business owners who are also looking for an affordable space. To connect with other business owners interested in a co-working space, simply search Google for co-working space availability.

Shared office spaces can be another way to save money on office rent. Small businesses can find companies that have extra space to lease and rent them at affordable prices. PivotDesk is a service that works to match companies with space to lease with small business owners who might be looking for an office space to call their own.

Coffice spaces are another option. A new way of doing business, many business owners will set up shop right in their local coffee shop. When cofficing, consider choosing a coffee shop with comfy chairs and wi-fi and set a schedule of when you’re going to be there, so you can meet with colleagues for maximum productivity. Oh, and be sure to order a coffee while you’re there so you can support the business that supports you.

Privacy While Co-Working:

When considering these more public options of doing business, privacy is something that must be carefully considered. A lack of privacy can not only be detrimental if there are private matters you’d rather not have others know about, it can also affect your worker’s productivity if they are distracted or need to take measures to ensure privacy.

On the other hand, the lack of privacy can also bring a vibrant work atmosphere and bring your staff together. Think about what works best for you when deciding on an office space.

Office Size:

With a limited budget, many startups can’t be that choosy when it comes to the size of their offices. However, if you find a place that doesn’t work size-wise, you may end up wasting valuable time and resources moving.

Make sure your office space is an adequate size to fit all your employees and any supplies and equipment you will be requiring.

Of course, bigger isn’t always better as a small office may increase efficiency as workers will find everything they need close by. Make sure your office works with your size requirements, whatever they may be, before signing that lease.

There are many things startups should think about before deciding on an office space that is right for them. Size, privacy and cost are just some of the considerations that should be taken into account. Learn more about how OffiCentric workspaces can be beneficial to your business by contacting us today!