If your small business is growing faster than ever, it may be time to think about a change of office scenery. Yet, it’s pricey to sign up for an office lease, which often requires a commitment of multiple years and high up-front costs. These leases are unrealistic for today’s businesses. Instead, executive suites are a popular and affordable way for companies to work. As small businesses grow in size, executive suites scale with growing teams. In this post, we give you advice on three key pieces of the puzzle about office suites. By the end, you’ll know how to plug into the right executive suites for your business. Here’s our pro tip for the month!


First, your office space should easy to access. While this may seem like common sense, it should still be said! This means that your office space needs to be close to a major highway or freeway, as well as an airport for team members who travel for business often. Also, your office should be in an active business community. By being in such a community, you and your team will have more chances to network with local businesses, build connections, and possibly gain new customers. At OffiCentric, each of our locations is close to a major freeway or highway for easy access and in a thriving business community.


When the Internet connection slows down or drops at work, workers get annoyed and work more slowly. Don’t be that office! In the right executive suites, there is enterprise-grade technology infrastructure. To this end, the office technology is both reliable and secure. With a company such as OffiCentric, your suites come prewired with grounded and wireless high-speed internet. Also, we provide advanced VoIP solutions and conference phones to make sure your business calls are hassle-free.


We know how quickly a small business can go from a single person operation to a large team. These businesses simply outgrow their office spaces! Of course, you want to avoid this problem from happening to your business. While you’re looking for executive suites, think about how well those suites would deal with your team doubling in size. Our private suites fit between 2 to 10 rooms to readily fit your team as it expands. If you need a little extra space, we have enough room for teams of up to 30 workers.

Executive Suites That Fit Your Business

To find the right executive suites, keep in mind location, technology, and scalability. If you can find a workspace that meets all three of these marks, you’ll be well on your way to office bliss! Find out more about our affordable pricing options for our executive suites and full list of business services.

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