Millennials are the generation that grew up never really knowing a time before the internet. Though older generations lament old fashioned values which may have been lost, they can also celebrate the efficiency that is being introduced in the way we do business on a regular basis.

As newer technology begins to take over, the way the workplace is laid out must update to accommodate these changes. Keeping this in mind, here are some ways you can innovate your office space to suit the needs of younger generations, while still providing a great atmosphere that all your workers can thrive in.

Integrating Technology in the Workplace

Adding updated technology into the workplace will not only make an office more efficient and productive, it can also make for a more attractive overall aesthetic. Mobile devices and LEDs are recommended for office technology, while modern augmented and virtual reality and Internet of Things (IoT’s) can make your workplace even more cutting edge.

Workplace Flexibility

Whereas once, everyone was assigned a cubicle where they worked every day, now workers are calling for a more open workplace and more flexibility in their office design. Portable furniture, desks with adjustable height and chairs with movable backrests are all good options for workers requesting more freedom in the office. Collaborative zones will also encourage movement and communication which can make the workplace more productive over all.

“Me” Space

And while offices are moving to a more open floor plan, privacy is also necessary at times. To this end, design should allow for more privacy pods and enclosed spaces.

Quirky Aesthetics

Office spaces are typically bland and boring…but they don’t have to be! Encourage a fun environment in your workplace by decorating in bold colors, adding unique artwork and incorporating bean bags, yoga mats and board games into your furnishings and break room areas.

Incorporate Nature

Indoor plants can be a great way to improve air quality in the workplace while making your office more attractive overall. The sunlight needed to keep these plants healthy will also liven up the area for your employees.

Use Ergonomic Furniture

Employees are often in the office for long hours during the day. Ergonomic furniture will help them maintain comfort during these long hours. Opt for furniture that offers convertible seating and functionality over ordinary designs.

These are all great ideas for offices that will appeal to the needs of a modern generation while making all of your employees more satisfied with the work atmosphere in general. Not only will these serve to make the office more comfortable and attractive, the open environment, vibrant atmosphere, flexibility and encouragement of movement should serve to make employees more innovative and productive. If you’ve been thinking your office needs an update, now is a great time to make a move. It could be the best investment you’ve ever made!