The presents have been opened, our bellies have been filled, and the sleigh bells have finished jingling. Refreshed, you return to “work mode”. As you look ahead to 2018, ask yourself this question: is your current office space meeting the needs of your team? If you need more space, updated technology, and a lively office atmosphere, a new office space may just be your New Year’s resolution. In this post, we show you why OffiCentric is the best solution for your office needs. By the end, you’ll see the big picture of how OffiCentric helps our clients love where they work. Now, not to toot our own horn, let’s show off our services!

1. Variety of Coworking Passes

We know that every business has unique office space needs. For example, while one business might be looking for a daily or weekly workspace, another business could want a longer, monthly rental. For this reason, we have coworking passes for workers to use daily, weekly, or monthly. With 24/7 building access, our office spaces are always available at the right time for you and your team. Also, we provide discounts on conference rooms, office, and desk rentals!

2. Flexible Solutions for Office Space

We love small business, large companies, and every type of business in between. In fact, we offer different office spaces to fit the needs of different teams. First, solo workers will find our private desks and offices to provide the essentials to get their job done: a desk, chair, phone, high-speed internet, and printing services. For teams of up to three workers, we provide furnished, private offices with high-speed internet. Need even more space? Last, even large teams of up to 30 workers will plug in easily to our pre-wired, private suites.

3. On-Demand Meeting Rooms

You can reserve one of our on-demand meeting rooms wherever you’re at, whenever you want. We take reservations for our meeting rooms through the phone, online, or in-person. Thus, whether you need one hour or an entire work day to hold your meeting, OffiCentric has rooms that are furnished and presentation-ready. Our LED HDTVs and conference phones will ensure smooth communication, and our document preparation station can help you finish your last-minute paperwork. To satisfy appetites, we also offer beverage and catering services.

4. Thriving Office Community

To our team, an office is more than a place where people go to do their jobs. An office space is a community. But, that community can only thrive through the active participation of its members. Each of our OffiCentric locations has a dedicated community manager who hosts networking events, workshops, and parties for the site’s workers. For us, it’s about bringing people together to learn, mingle, and appreciate each other’s talents. Also, we strive to create a connected and collaborative community through our variety of membership benefits.

5. Enterprise-Grade Infrastructure

Everyone loves blazing-fast internet and we’re not one to short-change you. Our enterprise-grade technology infrastructure is reliable, scalable, and secure. Grounded and wireless high-speed internet keeps your connection strong throughout your workday. In addition, we offer advanced VoIP solutions and maximum security to keep your private calls just that–private. Best of all, you can customize your technology services to only pay for what you need!


Planning for the Year Ahead

This is just the tip of the iceberg why OffiCentric is the right choice for your business. We look forward to talking with you about even more benefits of moving your business to an office space at OffiCentric. Find out more about the amenities and features our clients love at our current sites.


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