Our approach to work today has changed dramatically from what it used to be. Many people and companies have thrown out the 9-5, offer flex time and other opportunities to create more work-life balance. Whether you work and manage a team or run a solo business, time is essential but has so much potential when examined from an alternative perspective.

Striving for efficiency

Books like the 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferris stress efficiency over sitting at a desk for hours wasting away the day.  Often it’s about eliminating processes and tasks that aren’t producing anything valuable to your work. Sometimes it’s about carving out time and space to work on the things that matter in an environment free of distractions. Limit the times you check email as to not get distracted from your tasks at hand. Make sure that any meetings you attend or schedule are absolutely necessary. To sum up, efficiency is about chipping away at being busy for busy’s sake.

Valuing flexibility

Now more than ever, people are valuing time off and flexibility in their days. Whether you have family or not, getting things done and enjoy a schedule that works for your lifestyle is valuable. Just because someone sits at a desk for 8 hours, it doesn’t always mean they are productive. It’s the same with someone who has to take kids to school in the morning and come in later in the day. Working for yourself often gets rid of these obstacles or limitations. But offices and environments that value flexibility and work-life balance will attract more of today’s talent.

Adapting to technology

Lastly, there are many advancements in the way we communicate, and the way we approach office and work environments. This can be hard to keep up. From dozens of online communication and tracking tools – project management can be done anywhere anytime. With virtual meetings and conferencing systems, you can easily reach customers and clients anywhere in the world. There are even sunlight-mimicking light bulbs and noise canceling devices that are redefining workspaces.

Use these things to your advantage to become more engaged and productive in your work.