Just like breakfast is the most important meal of the day, mornings are the most crucial time in your work day.  Morning routines set the tone for the rest of the day. How many times are you thrown off just because you didn’t get enough sleep? In the morning, our mood and habits can dictate our approach to everything that follows. If you want to be your best, create a morning routine to get you on the right track.

Work out or meditate, whatever works.

There is no one routine that fits everyone. Some of us get energized and ready for the day through exercise, whether it’s an early morning run or a workout at home or in a gym. Some of us are more affected by sitting quietly for five minutes, just to relax and let go of negative, worrying thoughts.

Coffee, tea, smoothie or waffles.

Find your thing and enjoy it. Many of us can’t interact with others until we’re fully caffeinated. Some of us stand by blended banana, kale, and yogurt. It will come back to haunt you later if you skip breakfast. Sit down and enjoy your first meal of the day, whether it’s avocado toast or the occasional waffle or stack of pancakes.

Avoid bedside email checking.

It’s such a common occurrence although so many warn against it. Try to avoid checking your email right when you get up in the morning–and right before bed too. Keep your mornings to yourself, stay less stressed and let yourself have some time to adjust before you dive into “work mode”. Checking email at all hours blurs the lines between work and life in a way that you become “always on” which usually isn’t sustainable and contributes to burnout.

Do not waste your mornings. Start off the day on the best note you can so that you can be productive at work. Creating some better habits just in the morning can have a long term effect down the road. Your mind will thank you.