Today’s workers are no longer tied to coming into a corporate office every day. They can work remotely and through shared offices and spaces. The first benefit that comes to mind is convenience. People can work in the best atmosphere to work productively. And as long as workers keep producing high-quality work on-time and on-budget, these alternative work options should be encouraged by small businesses!

In this post, we go over the main reasons that make shared office spaces so popular with the millennial generation. We make this focus because millennials are the largest pool of the American workforce. By the end, you’ll realize the attraction of this new working preference. Now, let’s talk about millennials…

Build Community Through Office Camaraderie

Millennials notoriously love to create and share experiences with others using digital mediums. This habit holds true inside the workplace, too. It starts by creating a community where each team member is valued. In a shared office, a community manager spends a great deal of time and energy to create a stronger office community. Networking events, workshops, and parties are just the tip of the iceberg at coworking companies such as Officentric. By working in shared office spaces, millennials connect with each other and foster a healthy, competitive spirit.

Keep Transparency In Everyone’s Work

Honesty and integrity are close to the heart of millennials. It’s about the pursuit of the truth in a world of misinformation. In the business world, this desire translates to transparency among all workers. Millennials look for clear and consistent communication from peers, managers, and executives. Shared offices help fulfill this need by emphasizing openness. People work in full-sight of one another and can easily check in with their teammates on their work. This physical proximity makes team members more accountable and better at communicating with each other, which suits millennials.

Collaborate More Quickly On Projects

We all know the old saying: “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” For workers, going “far” in business means working together with a diverse group of people. And this idea isn’t just stuck to current work; it applies to future opportunities across disciplines. With shared offices, workers are in an open work environment. A casual talk among workers from different departments can lead to a new project idea. Spaces for small teams to huddle give millennials the chance to experiment, to tinker with thoughts. They are builders and working quickly in teams makes shared offices an attractive work option.

Where Millennials Find Shared Office Spaces

Shared offices create office communities based on openness and collaboration. It’s no wonder that millennials want to work there! Find out how OffiCentric creates friendly office communities for its distinguished roster of clients.

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