When it comes to productivity in the office, you might have no problem churning out work in an efficient manner; but once you are asked to collaborate with coworkers, it can be a whole different story. There’s Edith who is kind but just can’t stop talking about her grandkids, Efran, who is super smart but sometimes the two of you just don’t see eye to eye and Julie who won’t stop looking at social media. So what are you to do to make things happen in your office? Well, never fear! Here are some great ways to keep ensure productivity while coworking, even when faced with a team of your most unruly staff!

Be Open Minded:

Your coworkers might have ideas and work habits that differ from yours; but that doesn’t necessarily mean one way is better or worse than the other. Keeping an open mind to their way of doing things will eliminate arguing making for a pleasant environment and increased productivity.

Encourage Collaboration:

Get people together sharing their ideas. This encourages a friendly atmosphere and lets your coworkers know that all of their skills and opinions are important.

Don’t Waste Your Coworkers Time:

Holding meetings when there’s nothing to discuss and sending out redundant emails are both examples of time wasting in the office. These habits are likely to lead to feelings of disgruntlement when coworking, and are a surefire way to inhibit productivity. Before taking any action in the office, stop and ask yourself ‘is this really necessary?’

Set Deadlines and Goals with Your Coworkers:

Setting deadlines and goals is one way to ensure productivity. Setting these goals with your coworkers will ensure that everyone is comfortable with the time limitations that are being set, making them feel positive about getting things done in a timely manner.

Don’t Hover:

While it’s great to be hands on, micromanaging a project can lead to feelings of resentment. Let your coworkers know you trust them to get the project done well. This will increase positive feelings as well as productivity.

Offer Encouragement When Coworkers Fail:

In the office, mistakes can be made and people don’t always do a perfect job. Often, it is not their intention to ‘mess up’ and they may feel just as badly about these mistakes as you do, if not worse. Rather than getting frustrated, offer constructive criticism and encourage them to do better. Let them know that failure is okay, as long as they learn from their mistakes.

Coworking can definitely be frustrating at times, but it can also be lots of fun. Knowing how to deal with your coworkers can make for a pleasant experience and increased productivity in your office. These tips can help you to successfully complete any group project that is thrown your way. Good luck getting through your busy day!


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