Creating a coworking space may become necessary for a number of reasons. You could be opening an office with more than one employee, you could be expanding to hire on extra staff or you could be creating an at home office that both you and your roommate can share. Whatever the case may be, you need to consider creating a space that will allow you both optimal comfort and productivity. Keeping that in mind, here are a few tips.

Find the Right Office Space:

Whether you are working with an existing space or looking for something new, you need to consider how much space you have available and how you can use it creatively. While a larger office might be the best option, some out of the box thinking can make a smaller space work for you. Think of utilizing lofts, nooks, corners and other rooms in the building that may be available.

Avoid Clutter:

Using a space effectively will help to maximize comfort and productivity. It will also avoid blocking walkways, ensuring everyone has easy access when trying to move around the office. If your space is too cluttered, think about eliminating unnecessary furniture and anything else that may be getting in the way of workers moving around easily.

Create Dual Desk Options:

A shared desk can be a great way to make your office less cluttered and optimize space. Desks for two can come in a number of configurations including those where coworkers face each other and others where coworkers are side by side. If you choose a dual desk, you should make sure you get along well with your coworker!

Use Space Heaters and Fans:

Since everyone in the office likes different temperature settings, fans and space heaters can be used to adjust the atmosphere to everyone’s liking.

Invest in Noise Cancelling Headphones:

While having peace and quiet is ideal for coworking and productivity, communication is also necessary. That’s why noise cancelling headphones can be valuable in a coworking situation. You can listen to the music you like while staying on good terms with your coworkers!

Keep Your Coworking Space Well Lit:

Your office may be a bit cramped but providing a well lit atmosphere can keep it feeling light and airy. Try placing desks in areas with plenty of natural light. Painting your space a light or bright color and using table lamp, floor lamps and hanging lights are also ways to make your office feel more spacious. Be sure to provide each worker with their own light option to make sure they can adjust it to their liking.

Designing a coworking office can be challenging, but with the right planning, all your workers will enjoy the ultimate in productivity. Be sure to plan in advance, thinking of what will work best to maximize space to avoid making costly changes down the road. Then enjoy a comfortable atmosphere that everyone in your office is sure to enjoy!