At OffiCentric, we support entrepreneurs and businesses who are often wearing many hats, have endless to-do’s and are juggling teams, partners, clients or all of the above. It’s very easy to get overwhelmed with business and feel like productivity is starting to fall apart.

Stress affects our health, productivity, and overall well-being–but don’t worry, here are some ways to get through it.

Talk about it

Find another business owner, colleague or mentor who understands what you’re going through. Many businesses owners can feel excluded or lonely if entrepreneurship doesn’t run in their family or social circles–it’s especially difficult if those close to you can’t relate to the issues you’re going through. Finding someone who’s done it, who’s been there can offer some relevant advice or guidance, but also just the assurance that things will get better. Sometimes the best relief comes from the realization that you’re not alone.

Schedule me-time

When we are focused on running and growing a business, we forget or don’t prioritize time for ourselves. Take the time. Literally. Schedule something for yourself just like you would a meeting. Do something you enjoy or that makes you happy. Treat yourself. Believe in the saying that “you can’t pour from an empty cup”. Realize that you must invest in yourself and your own happiness in order to properly provide help to others. Your attitude, your mindset and productivity will be improved–there is a definite return on investment. So do it. Take yourself to a nice restaurant, get a massage or go to a football game.

Learn your triggers

Find out the things in particular that tend to trigger your most stressful days. Is it client reviews? Too many projects coming in at once? Feeling like you have to do everything? Taxes? When you know exactly what stresses you out or overwhelms you, figure out some strategies to plan for them. Come up with an action plan. Are there tasks you can delegate to relieve some of the work or pressure? Are there steps you can take to prepare ahead of time so that there’s less to do when the stressful time comes around. Be as proactive as possible and figure out a plan to help yourself. Ask for help when you need it. Take five minutes to walk and do some deep breathing before you pick up the phone or answer that email. Lie down in the grass.

We all deal with stress in various ways, but the best we can do is learn to recognize it as early as possible and set ourselves up to succeed and regain peace.