You may find yourself constantly asking “how can I be more productive at the office?” or thinking you don’t have enough time to get all of your work done in a day! Having a sense of accomplishment is beneficial to how you go into each day at work in the right mindset and with a positive attitude.

With so many productivity tips out there, we’ve narrowed them down to 5 key way to increase your productivity, bandwidth and overall satisfaction in the workplace.

Arrive Early or Stay Late

By skipping peak rush hour traffic, you’ll find yourself getting to the office with less stress of being late. You’ll also have the opportunity to get important tasks out of the way before more of your coworkers arrive, getting you in the right mindset and ahead of the game to start your work day.

When you find yourself getting pulled in different directions throughout the day or getting interrupted in the middle of your busy day, think about getting in to the office early. You’ll find yourself feeling refreshed, awake and ready to conquer your day when others are just arriving.

Plan your days in advance

Planning your tasks to come in prepared is a totally game changer when it comes to increasing productivity. Spend 15 minutes before you leave the office or before you go to best thinking about what you need to get done the next day. Create your to-do list and prepare yourself to accomplish all of your goals the next day! Make sure that you’re marking down what your priorities are to ensure that the most important tasks get done first.

Leave the office for Lunch

Sometimes you just need a change of scenery. Getting out of your work environment for lunch will help you to come back refreshed for the second half of your day. It can also improve stress levels, refresh your creativity and help you get re-focused. Better yet, if you are able to hit your local gym or go for a run during those spare few minutes, you’ll come back refreshed with more energy to wrap up your day.

Minimize distractions

In today’s day and age, distractions are everywhere with technology. When you really need to focus, try turning your phone on airplane mode or avoid checking emails for an hour at a time to concentrate on what’s important in that moment. Technology has changed the way we work where everything we need is at our fingertips – make sure you’re using it for the right reasons, at the right time so you don’t get distracted on social media!

Stay on top of your goals

Now that you’ve set goals for yourself, think through how you’re going to accomplish them. My setting milestones and having a plan in mind of how you’re going to meet or exceed your goals, you can keep yourself accountable. Perform monthly and quarterly check-ins with yourself to make sure you’re still on track to hit your goals. If you fall behind, make adjustments .. just never let your goals slip away!

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