Promoting your brand is a constant challenge that takes consistent effort and time. It pays off to be well-known in your industry and acquire more leads, customers, and revenue. But, your schedule is jam-packed with client work and the time you do have to promote your business is limited.


Through coworking, you can expend less effort while raising awareness about your brand. Channels such as website listings and referrals can grow your business’s footprint. Let’s explore how coworking increases the visibility of your brand.


Meet and connect with your coworkers


A communal office brings bring together freelancers, solopreneurs, and other independent workers in the same office. This mix of skills and expertise is valuable to your business. By reaching out to your coworkers, you’re able to find out their challenges and pain points. Using this knowledge, you can find out how to fit your area of expertise to consult or collaborate with your coworkers.


In coworking spaces, you have more opportunities to interact with your coworkers, exchange information, and promote your brand. Shared workspace companies such as Officentric offer networking events, workshops, and parties to connect you with your coworkers in an enjoyable atmosphere.


Pursue promotional opportunities and website listings


You probably focus on word-of-mouth and social media to spread awareness of your brand. After all, the marketing budget for entrepreneurs and small business owners is only so big. Learning how to stretch each of those dollars to gain new business is difficult.


To promote your business, shared workspace companies use website listings to share your brand with a larger audience. This promotion is worthwhile because there is no additional cost. Listing your business on local business directories such as Google, Yelp, and Angie’s List helps you stay competitive and highly visible.


Gain referrals for new client work


Word-of-mouth marketing is the golden ticket to market your business. After you network with your coworkers, they’ll understand your area of expertise. Then, your coworkers may be inclined to look into their professional network and refer you to their contacts who could use your skills.


For startups and other new businesses, referrals are often the most important method to gain new customers. Coworking creates a community based on collaboration and support. Making even a few contacts with your coworkers can lead to new business opportunities.


What We Learned


Coworking promotes your business through networking, referrals, and local website listings. By connecting with fellow entrepreneurs and freelancers, you’ll make your brand more visible and gain new business opportunities.


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