The coworking trend is fantastic – office space in most big cities, is financially out of reach or unrealistic for most independent professionals or small businesses. Coworking and executive suites both provide ready-to-use spaces, typically with one price for everything; however they cater to two very different styles of working.

How do you know which one is right for you? Here are some of the key differences between executive suites and coworking spaces to help you chose the perfect workspace.

Coworking v. Executive Suites

Hip, cool and action-packed with social happenings, Coworking spaces cater towards young professionals – often in the tech or gig sphere – who are looking for a shared space in which they can both work and interact with their peers.

Coworkers often pay a subscription to use all of the communal offerings, which might range from educational opportunities, networking events to happy hours and more. This community-based work environment can be invigorating to some, especially those in the creative fields who need interaction to innovate. Coworking’s biggest advantage, however, can also be its biggest downfall. When you’re sharing space with a social bunch, there will be frequent noise and social opportunities that can easily distract you from getting your work done.  

Executive suites, on the other hand, offer private suites in a shared office or office building, complete with a professional lobby, business services and furniture. Without any of the social frills, executive suites offer you a plug-and-play option for business professionals who value privacy and a quiet workspace. Executive suites often come complete with a receptionist or digital visitor management system, and prime locations. Officentric’s Carlsbad executive suites, for example, is set close to downtown Carlsbad, with easy freeway access and is in a popular business district, an address which can add some credibility to your smaller firm. These types of executive offices are a perfect option for small services firms or individual professionals from accountants to lawyers looking to make an impression on visiting clients.

The Ups and Downs

Both Coworkings and Executive Suites have their ups and downs. Trading productivity for a social life may not be worth it, but the flexibility. Coworkings offer various levels of memberships – from day passes, to yearly subscriptions, to memberships that allow you to work from multiple office locations – a huge benefit for road warriors and digital nomads.

Executive suites may also be rented on a pay-as-you-go basis, but more frequently require leases from one to three years, making them a bit more of a long term commitment. Still, it saves you from having to sign a long-term lease, pay a security deposit, lease equipment and open up telephone and internet contracts, saving you both expense and headache.

For businesses that don’t need, or can’t afford a larger office space, but value the privacy and professionalism of having an actual office near downtown San Diego, Officentric’s executive suites are a perfect option. We’ll take care of all of your office needs, at one, easy-to-understand rate, so you can focus on what’s most important – making your business the success it was always meant to be.

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