There are lots of distractions that can take you away from having a productive day. Working as a freelancer and owning your own business is a big task! Creating a productive office space as a freelancer or small business is imperative to the success and efficiency of the output of your business’s work. We’ve created a few tips to increase productivity, creativity and efficiency within your workspace. Let’s get started!

Make the most out of your office space

Get organized and make sure that your desk is clean of clutter, documents and decorations. These can be distracting and stressful to look at throughout the day. Try to get the most natural sunlight in your office as possible. By the time you hit that 3 o’clock slump, iridescent lights can make you feel tired, and therefore, less productive through the end of the day.

Make your office a place that you want to go to every day and have the things you need within close reach. For instance, OffiCentric locations have printing, security, snacks and on-demand meeting rooms for ease of use and professionality when you need to meet with clients and/or vendors.

Listen to podcasts

Some may immediately think that this would be distracting, it’s not! Podcasts can be informative, funny and actually spark creativity while you’re working. Listening to podcasts for background noise can eliminate other distractions around you, especially in a shared office space or communal coworking area.

Talk to people around you

When you go to the kitchen or are at the printer, say hi to the person next to you! Networking can be a great thing in coworking offices, private offices and executive suites. You never know; the person you are snacking next to could be your next client!

Only need a day office or an on-demand meeting room?

Know when you have deadlines coming up and might just need a quiet place to get set up and crank out your work for the day. Having a place to go and shut the door (outside of your home) is a great thing and can increase productivity!

Don’t need an office for a day, but just have an hour long meeting? Take advantage of hourly meeting rooms for rent that are available. These are fully set up to work for a small, intimate meeting or for a full blown board meeting – so you’ll be prepared either way!


Let your workspace grow as your business does! Choose OffiCentric.

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