As a small business owner, money seems to always be tight. You’re always looking for ways to cut your expenses, whether for marketing, business travels, product development, or other costs. But, have you thought about the cost of your office? After all, it’s expensive to lease an office for you and your employees. The building lease, office supplies, and maintenance fees put a big dent in your budget. Coworking spaces help you thrive by providing a collaborative and supportive environment at an affordable cost.

Gain Financial Flexibility By Avoiding Long-Term Leases

Leasing an office costs significant capital to a small business owner. While a large institution can spread this cost over several years, you may be under more financial pressure. Coworking benefits your business by taking away the financial burden of a long-term lease. Instead, you are provided with the financial flexibility to rent out as much or as little office space as you need. In fact, Officentric offers coworking spaces that scale with your business as it gains employees and client work.

Cut Overhead Costs On Common Office Supplies

What’s the minimum that you or another of your employee’s need for their job? For starters, they need a desk, chair, computer, and Internet connection. Multiply this cost out for EACH of your employees and you quickly see overhead costs add up. Let’s turn back to coworking for a minute. Coworking cuts these tedious overhead costs by avoiding the need for you to purchase desks, chairs, printers, and other common office items. Instead, you only pay for the time that you actually use these office supplies, which cuts your costs.

Save Money On Constant Office Maintenance Fees

If the light bulb dies, guess who’s paying for it? If the printer breaks or runs out of ink, only your wallet can come to the rescue. The same for your desk, chair, phone, and Internet connection: the cost is always on you. It would be nice for someone else to take care of these overhead costs. Count on coworking to come to your aid. Service fees and repair costs are absorbed by companies that provide coworking spaces. With coworking, you avoid spending money on office maintenance and focus on your team’s collaboration and productivity.

What We Learned

For small business owners looking to cut office expenses, coworking is an affordable option to avoid long-term leases and save on overhead costs. Before you can be sure that coworking is the right option for you, learn how coworking improves your quality of life.