We’ve rounded up what you need to know about the latest in coworking in 2017.

Major Points of Interest

  • Nearly 1.2 million people have worked in a coworking space
  • Small businesses account for nearly half of all workers in coworking spaces
  • U.S. coworking industry now totals over 27 million square feet
  • New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Boston are the top five markets for coworking
  • Major upcoming coworking conference in both October and November

General News

By the end of 2017, over 1 million workers will have worked in a coworking space. This number represents the growing popularity of shared workspaces across the world. Coworking has proven itself to be a workplace revolution that has changed the way that offices are designed and used on a regular basis.


Small business owners now account for 47% of all workers who use coworking, according to a study by the Global Workspace Association.


This number is a big shift from as recently as 2009 when the majority of people in these spaces were freelancers. Shared workspaces have responded to this trend by creating more private spaces for small businesses, such as private offices and conference rooms.


Real estate is being consumed in large volumes by the U.S. coworking industry. In fact, coworking spaces now total over 27 million square feet across America.


Demand remains high in densely populated areas. This idea is proved by major markets (New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Boston) being the top five areas for shared workspaces leasing activity.


Shared workspaces are improving user experience to attract more workers. We know that an office is truly more than desks, chairs, and supplies. Officentric hosts regular events, workshops, and networking opportunities to create welcoming environments and build community among workers.

Upcoming Industry Event

GWA Coworking Conference 2017

Date: November 8 – 10, 2017

Location: Brooklyn, NY

Address: New York Marriott at the Brooklyn Bridge

Cost: $1099 (GWA members), $1299 (non-members)

Year Established: 1987


GWA has the longest track record of success by far of any major coworking conference. In its 31st run, GWA will bring together industry leaders, experts, and speakers for three days of knowledge sharing. Attending this conference will help you deeply understand the shared workspace landscape and how it applies to your employees.



Working in shared workspaces continues to grow in popularity, size, and industry recognition. Companies like Officentric are making workplaces more user-centric for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and small business owners.