Determining what type of office space is right for your business can be tough. You don’t want to move in to an office that is too big for your business and waste money on underutilizes space, but you also don’t want to feel crammed as your business grows. We decided to break down the pro’s and con’s to each workspace type, so you don’t have to guess!


If your an individual or a small business, working from home can have its benefits. However, it also has downsides like more added distractions and making you unhappy over time. It can be lonely, be unproductive and sometimes look unprofessional if you don’t have a place to meet clients.

Having a dedicated, professional place to work, you’ll increase productivity and creativity. Coworking is a create alternative – and doesn’t have to be permanent. By utilizing coworking space, you will work alongside other professionals and be a part of your local business community. At Officentric, you also get access to meeting rooms, professional services and a professional address with your coworking membership.

Private Offices

Sometimes, a traditional office doesn’t make sense for your business. As your business grows, you need a space that will grow with you. Traditional office spaces can tie you down and prevent growth with expensive overhead costs and create unhappy employees when they don’t feel inspired in the space they work from.

If you are a small business or an individual that needs a private place to focus, private offices are a great option for you. You can ignite creativity and productivity amongst yourself and your employees, and also have the flexibility you need as your business grows. As Officentric, our private office tenants cut their overhead costs, get access to professional services and meeting rooms, and get to network with a business community that otherwise might be lost.

Executive Office Suites

Now that your business has grown quickly, you might need an executive suite to comfortably accommodate all of your employees.  Explore what executive suites look like for your business with Officentric.

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