Startups have almost a mythical quality about them, from the billion-dollar unicorns to the companies starting with a handful of employees. In fact, the U.S. alone is covered with thousands of startups. Per AngelList, a website that connects startups, angel investors, and job-seekers, there are over 17,000 startups in America. As a result, creativity is key to survive in the long-run. With the rise of popularity of coworking spaces, it seems like startups can find new ways to increase creativity. In this post, we cover how workers at startups can be more creative due to coworking. By the end, you’ll see the benefits for startups while coworking. Let’s start up the conversation!

Brainstorm Ideas in Meeting Rooms

In our eyes, startups are always in a creative whirlwind–probably because they are. Yet, it’s easier to plan in a single room where everyone is present. So, companies such as OffiCentric offer on-demand meeting rooms. For example, you can make use of LED HDTVs, printers, and other helpful technology to write out and organize your team’s ideas. Thus, whether writing on sticky notes, whiteboarding or creating slide decks, startups can be more creative in a coworking space.

Collaborate on Unique Projects

In the workplace, no single person can figure out all of the great business ideas alone. Instead, we need people to work together to come up with new ideas and make them happen. At OffiCentric, we create spaces for teams to collaborate. For example, we host businesses from all backgrounds at our sites. With this variety, people use our coworking spaces to meet, share their unique skills, and talk about big ideas.

Learn New Skills at Workshops

When we talk about community, we encourage workers to connect and collaborate. At startups, we know how important it is to keep learning new and relevant skills. To keep workers up-to-date, we host networking workshops and events for people to learn new skills. When workers use new tools or methods in their work, they can create novel ideas. Also, they can see ways to improve the current ways that work is being done. In both cases, coworking increases creativity through new skills.

Discover Coworking Spaces for Your Business

By creating spaces for brainstorming, collaboration, and learning, coworking spaces can increase creativity at startups. But, there are even more benefits of using these shared workspaces. To learn more, find out how Officentric creates positive office communities for people to love where they work.

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