Why Location Matters When Choosing The Right Office Space

Location, location, location. Even in a digitally connected world, location is still one of the most important factors when choosing an office space. The location of your office shows a connection to your community. Consider the following when opening up your first office:

City Connection

If you are looking for an office space, and are trying to find the perfect location, there are a number of things you want to ask yourself. When thinking of the city you are looking to open your office in, consider whether you have a connection and network in that city and whether you see a potential for growth. A strong foundation in the headquarters will allow your business to grow to its full potential.

Environmental Surrounding

You spend more time at work than anywhere else during the week. Because of this, you want the atmosphere to be as pleasant as possible. Think of the neighborhood your office space will be located in, the scenery and the space itself. Some have created a unique atmosphere by setting up camp in a house rather than an office space.

Client Base & Demographics

If you are working out of a location where the brick and mortar aspect is important, there are considerations you want to make to ensure that you can attract the right client base and that their experience with your business will be as pleasant as possible.

Consider the demographics of the neighborhood and whether your target audience is local. Make sure there is plenty of foot traffic, that parking is easy and accessible and that there are other businesses nearby. While you may think it makes sense to shy away from competition, sometimes overflow from competitors can be helpful in boosting business.


Of course, the location will also have to have the proper amenities necessary for accommodating your office including the proper amount of cubicles and executive suites.

Temecula, CA is a great place to open a business. The weather is pleasant and there are plenty of businesses and attractions making it a hub for upstarts. In fact, due to the relatively low median age of the community, 33.4 years,  the entrepreneurial spirit is high. Temecula has also been named as one of the top 20 least expensive cities to do business in by the Kossmont Rose Institute.

If you are looking for an office space for your business, location is something that should be carefully considered. Even if you feel that your business will be mainly an online venture, the ties you make in your community can be very important in your company’s future. Be sure you choose a space you are happy with so that you can enjoy your success for some time to come.

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