Coworking vs. Private Office vs. Executive Suites: Which Workspace is Right For You?

Determining what type of office space is right for your business can be tough. You don't want to move in to an office that is too big for your business and waste money on underutilizes space, but you also don't want to feel crammed as your business grows. We decided to break down the pro's [...]

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Office Space Environments that Make the Millennials Thrive

Millennials are the generation that grew up never really knowing a time before the internet. Though older generations lament old fashioned values which may have been lost, they can also celebrate the efficiency that is being introduced in the way we do business on a regular basis. As newer technology begins to take over, the [...]

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Habits to Increase Daily Productivity At The Office

You may find yourself constantly asking “how can I be more productive at the office?” or thinking you don’t have enough time to get all of your work done in a day! Having a sense of accomplishment is beneficial to how you go into each day at work in the right mindset and with a [...]

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Your Company Can Reap These Benefits From CoWorking

As the online community continues to expand, the entrepreneurial spirit is greater than ever. However, starting a business can be a struggle and many search for affordable options when it comes to their office location. For entrepreneurs that are trying to make every penny count, co-working is a great solution. The latest trend in office [...]

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How Millennials are Changing the Workplace

As the millennial generation gets older, they are taking up a considerable amount of the workforce and, as this happens, the times - they are a-changing. Advances in technology are making people more accessible around-the-clock, expanding the average workday. In return, workplaces are creating homier atmospheres with more recreational opportunities; a shift from a work-life-balance to work-life-integration. How is [...]

What Qualities do Small Startups Look for In Office Spaces?

When you are in the early stages with your company, working at home may seem ideal. But as your company begins to grow, you may start looking for places that can accommodate staff members, or maybe you just crave human interaction. No matter what your motivation may be, there are definitely certain qualities you should [...]

How to Make Coworking a Productive Experience

When it comes to productivity in the office, you might have no problem churning out work in an efficient manner; but once you are asked to collaborate with coworkers, it can be a whole different story. There’s Edith who is kind but just can’t stop talking about her grandkids, Efran, who is super smart but [...]

Executive Suites vs. Coworking; Which Workspace Is Right for You?

The coworking trend is fantastic - office space in most big cities, is financially out of reach or unrealistic for most independent professionals or small businesses. Coworking and executive suites both provide ready-to-use spaces, typically with one price for everything; however they cater to two very different styles of working. How do you know which one is right [...]

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Shared Office Spaces Ignite Creativity

Workspace choices can influence your innovative output - so be sure to choose wisely. Shared office spaces are becoming largely popular for small companies and freelancers to ignite creativity and spark innovation. Major companies and freelancers alike are constantly searching for ways to increase productivity - achieving more with less effort might be the holy grail [...]

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Be An In-Demand Freelancer

Venturing out on your own can feel equally exciting and frightening. Freelancing, which continues to grow in popularity, offers freedom of workload, scheduling and so much more. While the "pros" are plentiful, free agents often worry about finding clients, managing projects full circle (hello, invoicing) and being effective outside the traditional office setting. Housing private offices [...]

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