Be An In-Demand Freelancer

Venturing out on your own can feel equally exciting and frightening. Freelancing, which continues to grow in popularity, offers freedom of workload, scheduling and so much more. While the "pros" are plentiful, free agents often worry about finding clients, managing projects full circle (hello, invoicing) and being effective outside the traditional office setting. Housing private offices [...]

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The Benefits of Having an Office in Temecula, California

Our Temecula-Murrieta location is conveniently located off of the 15 and Winchester Road, east of Murrieta Hot Springs Road. It’s a great location for business owners and entrepreneurs in the Temecula and Murrieta areas. Here are a few reason's why an office space in Temecula might be right for you:  Save on your AC. While [...]

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5 Reasons Why OffiCentric Executive Suites Might Be Right for Your Business

As a business owner, you need a space that provides you with the resources you need and a professional setting that puts your best image forward to your clients and partners. However, the cost of having your own private office can come with a large price tag and a number of additional expenses and services [...]

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The Benefits of Booking Hourly Meeting Space

A good meeting space is typically the most difficult to come by when you are an independent worker or freelancer without a dedicated office. While working from home can be convenient and comfortable, it can sometimes be difficult to constantly meet clients or partners in coffee shops all over town. They are often loud and [...]

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Getting the perfect private office space that’s still social

Since the office space trend has moved towards the collaborative and open layout, it has made things harder for some businesses and employees to get the real privacy that they need when they are on important calls or dealing with sensitive information. In today’s work environment, privacy is still relevant and essential for some to [...]

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OffiCentric Pro Tip: Finding The Right Executive Suites For Your Business

If your small business is growing faster than ever, it may be time to think about a change of office scenery. Yet, it's pricey to sign up for an office lease, which often requires a commitment of multiple years and high up-front costs. These leases are unrealistic for today's businesses. Instead, executive suites are a [...]

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Coworking Spaces Increase Creativity for Startups

Startups have almost a mythical quality about them, from the billion-dollar unicorns to the companies starting with a handful of employees. In fact, the U.S. alone is covered with thousands of startups. Per AngelList, a website that connects startups, angel investors, and job-seekers, there are over 17,000 startups in America. As a result, creativity is [...]

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Office Space? 5 Reasons Why You Should Choose OffiCentric

The presents have been opened, our bellies have been filled, and the sleigh bells have finished jingling. Refreshed, you return to “work mode”. As you look ahead to 2018, ask yourself this question: is your current office space meeting the needs of your team? If you need more space, updated technology, and a lively office [...]

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Renting Out Meeting Space Can Increase Productivity. Here’s How.

When people love where they work, they are happier and more productive. So, it's not surprising that employers are looking for ways to make their offices better for their employees. Meetings are one area that can be a big waste of time. For example, a meeting without an agenda can easily get off-track. To bring [...]

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Why Millennials Want To Work In Shared Offices & Spaces

Today’s workers are no longer tied to coming into a corporate office every day. They can work remotely and through shared offices and spaces. The first benefit that comes to mind is convenience. People can work in the best atmosphere to work productively. And as long as workers keep producing high-quality work on-time and on-budget, [...]

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