W.e’ve all been there. You’re so hungry, you feel as though you can’t concentrate, you’re tired and, if you’re like us, maybe a little “hangry”. Nonetheless, a lack of cognitive function and memory are just two effects of hunger that our OffiCentric clients simply can’t afford to endure. While we are the first to admit we’ve reached for sugar and caffeine to get us through a long day, we also know there are better and healthier options for staying at the top of our game. If you’re searching for a few healthy snack options, here are some of our favorites…

Whole-Wheat Crackers with Hummus:

The carbohydrates in the whole wheat crackers deliver the energy–glucose–that your body needs. Add protein- and fiber-rich hummus (you can thank the chickpeas for that), and you get the perfect brain-boosting snack.

Assorted Nuts:

Grab a handful of walnuts or almonds to keep you sharp now and as you get older. The vitamin E found in nuts have been proven to prevent mental decline according to an American Journal of Epidemiology. The omega-3 essential fatty acids are the building blocks of brain cells. You can’t go wrong with this snack, just don’t overdo it. They’re known to be somewhat calorie dense.

Apples with Peanut Butter:

An apple a day will do a lot more than keep the doctor away. Moreover, apples contain flavanoids and quercetin, which helps protect the brain. Top with peanut butter, an excellent source of Vitamin E and healthy fats, and you’re sure to be sharp long into the work day.


Avocado’s rain-healthy fats boost production of the neurotransmitter dopamine. Dopamine keeps you motivated and laser focused. In addition, avocados are also high in fiber and benefits your overall health.

OffiCentric is proud to be offering a healthy micro-market rather than regular vending machines, courtesy of InstaHealthy.