Having a freelance job comes with its ups and downs. The ups being that you can work from practically anywhere around the world, create your own schedule, and avoid the 9-5 office environment. The downs being that when you do work from home, it can get rather lonely and often boring.

Working from a shared office space creates a sense of community that you otherwise lose as a freelancer. Coworking spaces give you a taste of the corporate office environment, without the boss, tediously repetitive days, and annoying 9-5 schedule. Virtual offices come in many different forms when you look for interesting workspaces outside of your home.

Here is a list of 5 shared office environments for those of you with a freelance job, consulting business, or anyone who often works from home.

Shared coworking space

The best reason for renting a shared office space is that surrounding yourself with productive people will inevitably cause your productivity to go up. If you want to become successful as a freelancer, you must keep yourself to a strict schedule and accomplish many different tasks every day. This is where freelancing and a 9-5 have a lot in common. From business operations to client projects and everything in between, you still must work 8, 9, or 15 hour days to be a freelancer. Shared workspaces will help keep you on track. Some of them even come with printers, fax machines and other day-to-day business tools you may not have at home.

Local coffee shop

Coffee shops are for more than just serving your morning espresso or triple, decaf, soy, non-foam latte. Find one with dim lighting, smooth jazz and a crowd of others working on laptops. When you’re tired of working from home, changing up your environment can give you a much-needed energy boost.

Nearby park

You’ll need a personal hotspot to work in a park, if WiFi is essential to your freelance work. An outside office environment is one of the great joys of being a freelancer. Working on an assignment while tanning under the July sun? Yes, please. Writing a blog post while picnicking on a Wednesday afternoon? Enough said.

Public library

For those extremely important freelance gigs that require more focus and attention, a public library will give you the silence you need. Additionally, if you usually work from home but there is construction nearby or other temporary noise distractions, you can often find solace in a public library. You’ll usually be surrounded by students, researchers, or people who just love to read. Sitting on your laptop in a sea of studiousness will help you to complete tasks faster and more efficiently.

Community centers

Like public libraries, community centers offer quiet spaces to work. Many are non-profit organizations that feature arts and community initiatives, while providing community members a space to use. When you’re tired of working from home or need a change in environment, look for a local community center to spend the afternoon completing your freelance projects.

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