A good meeting space is typically the most difficult to come by when you are an independent worker or freelancer without a dedicated office. While working from home can be convenient and comfortable, it can sometimes be difficult to constantly meet clients or partners in coffee shops all over town. They are often loud and there is not always a guarantee of seating or even WiFi.


Convenience. Booking a meeting space by the hour is convenient because you can ensure that you have the space you need when you need it. If you work from home the majority of the time and only occasionally meet with clients or business partners, booking hourly may be perfect for your needs rather than a monthly or annual membership.


Professional setting for clients and teams. You may work and collaborate with a team who typically works remotely. However, if you are all still local or travel to meet in person for team building, you’ll need a space that can accommodate your needs. Booking meeting space by the hour allows you to schedule important brainstorming sessions so your team can come together for a dedicated amount of time before.


Host events and workshops. Typically, if your business does not require office space or face-to-face time, you might think you don’t have a need for meeting space. However, if you are looking to grow your business, you may find yourself looking to host an event or a workshop in order to establish your company, or gain leads. Booking an hourly meeting space is perfect for anyone who might host a quarterly or annual event or being trying something new by offering a class or a workshop. It’s a great way to use a space without a long term commitment. Interested in OffiCentric’s hourly meeting spaces? Inquire here.


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