Venturing out on your own can feel equally exciting and frightening. Freelancing, which continues to grow in popularity, offers freedom of workload, scheduling and so much more. While the “pros” are plentiful, free agents often worry about finding clients, managing projects full circle (hello, invoicing) and being effective outside the traditional office setting.

Housing private offices and shared workspaces, OffiCentric is proud to serve many start-up businesses and freelance professionals. Here are our top 3 tips for becoming an in-demand freelancer:

Understand Your Value

As you build your client roster, you may be tempted/forced to go below your hourly rate. As a reminder from us to you, don’t undervalue yourself and your skills. When determining a rate, newcomers should consider start up costs, and take into account the self-employment tax, plus federal and possibly state taxes.

Find Your Network

While you may not be meeting over the water cooler anymore, it’s still (very) important to network. And as tempting as it may be, don’t just network digitally. Find groups, hit the networking happy hours and don’t overlook the your neighbors. Shared workspaces like OffiCentric foster strong networking environments. Coworking offices are a great place to find services that compliment your own—copywriting and web design.

Perfect Your Pitch

If you’re networking and putting yourself in a position to meet potential clients and partners, you’re going to need to pitch. It’s safe to say that talking about yourself and your qualities can be uncomfortable, but you better get used to it! Work on a short pitch that summarizes your role and your skillset. Rather than saying you’re a freelancer, let them know that you are a digital strategist or social media manager with five years of experiences handling hospitality clients.