Whether from home or a local coffee shop, you work where you are. But, you still have to maintain a professional image with your clients. You don’t exactly want your clients calling your cell phone directly and shipping business documents to your home address. Instead, a virtual office can organize and handle your external business communication at a low cost. Let’s cover how a virtual office can raise the credibility of your business.


1. Obtain a professional business address

Working from home has its perks, but the downside is that you can’t use your home address for your business. With a virtual office, you have a professional business address to use for all business matters. Your website, business cards, and other marketing material will use a physical address that your potential clients can trust.


2. Secure holding for your business mail

If you work from home, your mailbox can become regularly filled with mail that is meant for your business. Instead, you can get rid of this excess mail with a secure mail holding address. Virtual offices offer this exact service. By storing your business mail on-site, your virtual office would stop your mail spam and keep your business and personal mail apart.


3. Get dedicated phone accounts: local, national, and international

Whether your business is a solo venture or a small team, a dedicated business phone number is vital to your credibility. Officentric provides entrepreneurs and small businesses with local, national, and international phone accounts. This way, your business can operate efficiently at scale with customers near and far.  


4. Utilize a receptionist

When potential clients call your business, they want to speak with an actual person who can find a solution for their needs. With a virtual office, you’re provided with a receptionist to handle all your incoming calls. Forget those awkward self-introductions to your clients over the phone. Also, you no longer have to screen calls. Your receptionist can screen your calls and only forward reputable leads to your phone number.


5. Get customized answering services

Virtual offices allow you to customize your answering and voicemail services. This way, you no longer have to deal with unknown callers. You can pre-record instructions to greet your callers and tell them your preferred format for their voicemail. The result is a better experience for your callers.


6. Reduce your overhead costs

Using a virtual office does take a small investment. However, virtual offices reduce overhead costs of renting an actual business office, paying for office equipment, handling maintenance issues, and other fees. You put money back into your pocket and maintain a professional appearance to your current and potential clients.


What We Learned

Using a virtual office makes a small business more professional and organized for an affordable cost. The first step is to find a company that offers on-demand meeting rooms and coworking spaces to supplement your virtual office.


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