Every freelancer has been there. You’re working from home for the the 20th day in a row. You’re able to see laundry piling up in the corner of your eye, the neighbors mowing their lawn right when you need to hop on an important client call (again) and you haven’t spoken to anyone but the Postmates delivery guy or your dog in a few days. That’s enough for even the most introverted of us to go bonkers! This is why in the past few years, coworking spaces have become increasingly popular among freelancers and small business owners alike. They’re a space that allows valuable networking, quiet rooms for meetings and a guy warming-up his ramen noodles to keep you company while you go to get your third La Croix in the communal kitchen. It’s basically a dream. Not so convinced?

Here are 5 reasons every freelancer needs a coworking space.


  1. Collaborate (And Listen)

Collaboration is one of the top reasons people claim to love coworking spaces. Sharing an office space with entrepreneurs and freelancers across industries is the perfect way to meet people you may not have across before and have ideas blossom you would have never dreamed-up on your own! Another perk aside from collaborating with these guys? You get to listen to them. When you network with people outside of your line of work, your best ideas often come about because they approach you with a concept that you didn’t even know your target market could want before. It’s a win-win!


  1. Increases Productivity

With everyday distractions such as the aforementioned laundry, random errands and lack of food in the kitchen (guess you have to go back to Target today, darn!) it’s more likely for people who work from home to lose focus. When a freelancer works in a coworking office, they’re far less likely to run into these distractions and therefore many individuals experience a surge of productivity! Do you really want fellow entrepreneurs to see you on Facebook constantly or ask you why you’re leaving the office again? Exactly.


  1. Affordability

Coworking spaces offer an affordable space for clients to come meet you, packages to be sent to you, etc. without the high-cost of a private office. You look like the real deal and no one has to know you may be balling on a budget. Another perk of not purchasing your own office space? No down payments, no lease to be tied to, no worries.


  1. Say It With Us, “Perks.”

Coworking spaces often come with perk like panels with successful business people around the community, networking mixers and even pizza Friday’s! Another perk that you may find enticing? When people around your coworking space are asked about a referral in your industry, they’ll be more likely to refer you– Matt, the great graphic designer who works in desk C7! Then someone they might have come across on Facebook.


  1. There’s Room to Grow

At Officentric, we offer executive level suites, meeting spaces and shared workspaces to give you the kind of experience you’re ready for– and we know that might change depending on the day! You can take advantage of our spaces without feeling the pressure of constant growth that so many business owners deal with on a regular basis.


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