There are more freelancers and remote employees today than ever before. Because of that, coworking spaces and private office space rentals have been on the rise – and all for good reasons. Coworking promotes creativity, motivation, and innovation for those who do not like working alone. However, some employees find that coworking is hard when they need to focus on a project or are working against a deadline. Here are 5 key perks to renting a private office space:

Less Distractions, More Productivity

Working from home can be distracting because you’re in the comfort of your own home. It’s easy to let one load of laundry turn into a full day of cleaning the house! By having a private office you have a place to go to for work as often as you’d like, keeping home and work-life separate.

Network with Other Tenants

Even if you’re not out on the floor constantly talking to new people or coworking, you might spark up a conversation by the coffee machine that would not otherwise happen working from home. By attending the events that OffiCentric hosts at each location, you have the opportunity to meet new people – and who knows! Maybe some new business or a partnership could come from those conversations.


By working in a private office space, you’ll have access to amenities that would not otherwise be at your fingertips. You get access to: a fully furnished office, a full kitchen, coffee bar, a receptionist, printers, internet, etc. So all you need to do it come to work, plug in and you’re ready to crush your day!

Location, Location, Location

As an OffiCentric tenant, your business address will have a great location. This will show potential clients and partners that you have a legitimate business, even if you’re a startup. Enjoy all the benefits of a private office without the traditional office rental costs.

Your Office Can Grow With Your Business

Your office grow with your business at OffiCentric. Single room private offices can accommodate one to three people, and includes high speed internet and daily janitorial service. Once you’ve outgrown your private office, you can easily pick up and move into one of our executive suites to fit your company’s size.


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