Meeting clients or coworkers at a coffee shop creates a relaxing environment to talk business. Yet, you may have times where you want a professional setting to conduct business. With on-demand meeting spaces, you have the ability to reserve a fully-furnished room with available conference equipment and catering services. Let’s cover five benefits of using on-demand meeting spaces to project professionalism.


Multiple, convenient methods to book a meeting space


Traditional meeting spaces at an office often require you to compete with other groups for a room reservation. There may even be a hierarchy for the groups that can reserve the room i.e. executives before managers, managers before associates, etc. Shared workspaces get rid of messy reservation systems and hierarchies. Instead, you can book a room at your convenience through phone, online, or in-person. In fact, companies such as Officentric give you the freedom to book a meeting space wherever you are.


Flexible reservation times that mesh with your schedule


As a small business owner or entrepreneur, your days are jam-packed. Your combination of client work, networking, prospecting, and handling invoices leaves little time to plan meetings. With this small window of time, you hope to avoid reserving a meeting space for an entire day. You can use on-demand meeting spaces to work in a quieter environment. You can reserve meeting spaces by the hour or day. This flexibility fits with your schedule to reserve a meeting room. You can plan your day around what matters most to you–your clients.


Furnished conference rooms that are presentation-ready


Even with a convenient reservation system, you plan for a meeting space that requires little setup and breakdown of equipment as possible. You just want to show up and have the meeting room ready to go. To make your work life easier, on-demand meeting spaces are furnished and ready for presentations. Shared workspace companies such as Officentric provide comfortable office chairs, a large conference desk with built-in outlets, and an LED HDTV. These meeting spaces are well-equipped for your meetings and presentations.


Consolidated workstation for documents and calls


Need to print out your meeting agenda at the last minute? Have a printed document you need to put together? Meeting spaces that you request provide access to a document station with a printer, copier, and other must-have office supplies. You’re able to scan, copy, or print documents and prepare them for your meeting. In addition, you’re provided with a conference telephone. Your clients and coworkers can call into your meeting without missing a beat.


Available catering service with partner vendors


With traditional offices, providing food and drinks at a meeting means dealing with external vendors and worrying about delivery. You have enough on your plate, as is. When you reserve an on-demand meeting space, you also have access to beverage and catering services. These services are handled internally by the shared workspace company you partner with, so you avoid the hassle of finding and paying a suitable vendor. Instead, you can focus on preparing for your meeting, knowing that tasty food and refreshing drinks will be delivered.


What We Learned


On-demand meeting spaces are a great option to fit your budget and schedule. With presentation-ready rooms and available catering services, these meeting spaces are ready to impress your clients and coworkers at your next meeting. For a deeper dive into shared workspaces, learn how shared offices make collaboration easier and quicker.