Set your sights high this year and commit to learning something new. Setting skills to learn will keep your mind fresh and ready for new ideas and opportunities. Whether what you’re learning is directly related to your business or not, the more you grow and seek out new experiences–the more likely you are to take on new perspectives, think critically and take new approaches to your business. Here are a few skills to learn in 2017 and learn in just a few minutes every day.

Basic design skills and Photoshop.

While you may be able to hire a visual designer for projects or even have them on your team, it helps to be able to navigate the most popular design tool around. Knowing some basic Photoshop will allow you to make small tweaks like editing a photo for social media or putting together a quick flyer or ad. Just enough familiarity may save you some time in the long run if you just want to get something out.

A new language.

Now more than ever, it’s incredibly easy to learn a new language. Whether you travel for business or pleasure, you should know at least some basic phrases to be able to get around. While more and more countries seem to know English, most cultures will appreciate the effort if you at least try to speak a few phrases in their language. Learning a new language is also great for your cognitive abilities and again will stimulate your mind.  

Build a website.

Okay this also may seem like something you’d hire services for but there are many options that offer easy to use templates in order to make creating website much simpler than coding one from scratch. When you’ve got some time, check out WordPress, Squarespace, or Wix and see what they’re like. Again, this exercise may help you figure out how to edit and update some of your own content when you’re pressed for time–or you can start a whole new project on your own just to fuel your creativity.

Cook something new.

Find a new recipe that challenges your normal set of kitchen skills. Recreate one of your favorite restaurant meals–go out on a limb and take a risk. Cooking is a great way to get the creative juices flowing, plus it’s something you need to do anyway. Why not make it fun? There’s a science to it, but a finesse as well–and when you succeed in making something difficult or extra fancy, you’ll feel a great sense of accomplishment.


With data scientists and big data growing in demand as companies rely more and more on data to make decisions and evaluate their success, it’s something that everyone in every industry should have a sense of. There are many tools available online that just a few minutes a day dedicated to research will put you a step ahead of your competitors.