As a business owner, you own your world. You’ve got a specific pool of knowledge and unique skills that make you successful. However, while we’re focused on our own work, sometimes it’s easy to lose focus on growth. Running a business is such hard work for that reason–it’s constant juggling and switching hats. Here are a few ways to get back to business and boost productivity.

Use social media. Strategically.

It’s pretty rare for a business not to be on social media these days. But too often, businesses create accounts and post just periodically, when a thought occurs or when they have something to promote. The key here is that to be effective, you can’t wing it. Create a regular schedule to build engagement and plan your posts out accordingly not just to sell but to build brand recognition, to let your audience get to know you a little. Eventually, you’ll build a following and find customers who are seeking you out because you’ve defined yourself and it resonates with them. If you feel too busy for it, consider online tools or services that would help provide this for you.


Networking is another obvious one but, like social media, can have little effect if you aren’t strategic about it. If you go informal or formal via networking groups or events–it all about building trust and a relationship first. Ask your best clients directly for referrals–they should be willing to help if you’ve already got their trust. Let them advocate for you. Join groups or attend events where your clients or customers would be. Once you’re there, don’t start off with just a “Hi, my name is Joe and I do ___”. It’s about being a human and not a salesperson.

Always be learning.

Just because you are an expert in your field, doesn’t mean there isn’t room in your industry or in business in general to grow or learn new things. Take the time on your own to keep up with your industry–this may lead to changes in your business model or offerings to stay relevant. As an entrepreneur or business owner, there are always places for improvement. Consider investing in yourself by hiring a business coach or consultant. They can help not only with a strategy, but could help you improve your current processes or expand and provide guidance as you grow or hire new staff.


You should automate processes and aspects of your business when or where you can. That could mean utilizing online tools or software to respond to emails or transfer information. It could also mean making some of your core processes repeatable by defining them so that you or anyone on your team could do them the same way every time. It saves time and becomes one less thing to think about while you’re busy with everything else.