Freelancers, small business owners, and startups are all turning to coworking spaces for innovation, motivation and inspiration to grow their business. However, what many coworking spaces do not offer is a a way for their business to grow with their office space. OffiCentric provides the “where of business” with high profile locations at a competitive cost, and a way to slowly increase your office space as you have the demand. Some might wonder why they should consider a coworking space to start their business from rather than their home?

Here are 3 benefits to working from a shared office environment:

Higher Productivity

74% of employees report that they’re more productive working in a coworking environment. This type of workspace fuels creativity and inspiration that sparks employees inner potential to do their best work. They can bounce ideas off of other coworkers and entrepreneurs that might be going through similar hurdles in their business.

Cost Efficiency

Though working from home is likely the cheapest option, you want to be taken seriously as a small business owner or entrepreneur. Having a coworking space that also provides access to private meeting space by the hour will make you look professional and give your business more legitimacy at as low as $250 per month.

Networking Potential

86% of coworkers report that they have expanded their professional network by using a shared workspace. Your coworking peers aren’t just the tenants that reserve a desk or work in the shared space. Coworking means that you’ll have access to network with other tenants in the private offices and executive suites too.

Let your workspace grow with your business! Choose OffiCentric.


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