Why Millennials Want To Work In Shared Offices & Spaces

Today’s workers are no longer tied to coming into a corporate office every day. They can work remotely and through shared offices and spaces. The first benefit that comes to mind is convenience. People can work in the best atmosphere to work productively. And as long as workers keep producing high-quality work on-time and on-budget, [...]

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Renting Meeting Spaces Can Make Your Time More Productive

Whether you’re a freelancer or small business owner, meetings can take up a big chunk of your day. These meetings with team members and potential clients are important and need to be productive. In this post, we go over a few ways that using on-demand meeting spaces can help you make better use of your [...]

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An Insider’s View of Our OffiCentric Office – Chandler

Welcome to the “Grand Canyon State”, Arizona, and its 4th largest city, Chandler! We’re excited to fill you in on our beloved Office - Chandler branch. And no, Arizona is not all desert. In fact, you’ll find that our site--located just south of the intersection of the 202 and 101 freeways--has much to offer you [...]

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6 Tips For Choosing The Best Office Space For Your Company’s Culture

Do you and your team look forward to coming into work every day? Hats off to you, if the answer is yes. If your answer is no, it may be time to look at your company’s culture. The work environment and office space is like a living organism; it has to be nurtured to stay [...]

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