Shared Offices Make Collaboration Easier and Quicker

In the modern workplace, collaboration plays a key role in the success of a company. Yet, the layout of many offices still has employees separated by cubicles and private offices. This separation makes it harder for employees to interact, share knowledge, and collaborate on new initiatives.   Using a shared office improves collaboration by placing [...]

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Create Stronger Office Communities With Coworking Spaces

Working from home provides a comfortable chair, a cozy desk, and a relaxing environment. But, you may miss the camaraderie of working with other people. This feeling of isolation is dangerous because it can lead to burnout and an unhealthy mental state.  By joining a workplace with fellow entrepreneurs and small business owners, you would [...]

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6 Ways a Virtual Office Gives Credibility to Entrepreneurs

Whether from home or a local coffee shop, you work where you are. But, you still have to maintain a professional image with your clients. You don’t exactly want your clients calling your cell phone directly and shipping business documents to your home address. Instead, a virtual office can organize and handle your external business [...]

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