Coworking Trends and Predictions for 2017

With reports that coworking is on the rise, it may seem natural to wonder what the future looks like. How true are these reports and what does it mean for you as an entrepreneur or business owner? It’s not a trend. Forbes has reported that freelancers now make up 35% of the workforce. With freelancers [...]

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5 Tips to Better Negotiating

Whether you’re closing deals, hiring staff or just generally not a big negotiator, here are some tips to make 2017, the year of better negotiating. Negotiation often makes people uncomfortable or nervous because it’s a form of confrontation and involves rejection. While it can be unnerving for some, it’s a necessity whether you are applying [...]

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4 Skills to Learn in 2017

Set your sights high this year and commit to learning something new. Setting skills to learn will keep your mind fresh and ready for new ideas and opportunities. Whether what you’re learning is directly related to your business or not, the more you grow and seek out new experiences--the more likely you are to take [...]

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How to Make New Habits Stick

As you head back into the office or just back into business mode, you’re bound to be making goals and promising yourself you will stop doing X and start doing more Y. And most likely, as most of us are with new habits or resolutions, that new diet or exercise routine will last, oh, maybe [...]

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