Reasons to Send Thank You to Contacts and Clients

It’s the perfect time of year to start thinking of ways to say thank you to past and present clients--even contacts that may seem to have gone cold. It is obviously a nice thing to do this time of year since many are motivated to get involved, give back or provide some extra encouragement to [...]

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Why It’s Okay to Fail

Fear of failure is probably the biggest factor holding people back from starting a business or pursuing projects and careers we are truly passionate about. We fear not doing a good job, making mistakes, or completely missing the mark altogether when we take that leap into the unknown. Failure, however, too many is necessary. We [...]

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3 Ways to Update the Traditional To-Do List

“To Done” Lists This sounds a bit strange, but it can often be extremely motivating and even soothing when things get an overwhelming. Try ending your day by creating a to do list of things you’ve already done maybe in the past week. You’ll achieve a sense of relief when you realize that you’ve maybe [...]

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