10 Powerful Habits of Highly Successful People

It’s easy to look at the ultra-successful and wonder, “what makes them different from me?” Well, it’s possible that there is very, very little that separates you from the highly successful. According to this infographic from addicted2success.com on habits, we can all be on our way to mega success! Here are the 10 Powerful Habits of Highly [...]

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Executive Suite Rentals Phoenix

A popular choice for our clients is OffiCentric's full-time executive suite rentals. It offers everything one would expect in a traditional office setting without the high costs typically associated. Additionally, OffiCentric executive suites in Phoenix offer a collaborative community that standard office settings lack. Our member benefits include partner discounts, promotional opportunities, networking events and business workshops. While your workday [...]

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3 ways OffiCentric solves your common work-from-home issues

Working from home seems like a dream come true: No commute, no uniform, no cubicle. Sounds like paradise to those of us who have spent years in the traditional 9 – 5 grind. While there are plenty of amazing benefits of work-from-home situations, there are definitely a few drawbacks that can cause productivity to dip. OffiCentric, [...]

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How to Make Freelance Life Work

Many of our Officentric clients are living the freelance life which often entails non-traditional work spaces, hours outside of the normal 9 - 5, and an ever-changing client list. Be it design, writing or other, here are a few of our top tips for breaking into a freelance career. 5 keys to living a #freelancelife: [...]

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