Shared workspaces are an opportunity for entrepreneurs and small business owners to leave the isolation of working from home. But, you might wonder how new members fit into a shared office community. You can leave your fears behind. On site community managers help you transition smoothly into a shared office with events, workshops, and celebrations. Let’s cover how on site community managers from friendly shared offices.


Build community


A community is only as vibrant as its members. For a shared workspace, this means bringing together people around a common set of values. Respect and open-mindedness are emphasized by community managers to create a welcoming atmosphere. They also build community through events such as parties, celebrations, and career workshops.


With these events, you start to meet coworkers and develop professional relationships. You learn about their skills and interests in a relaxing atmosphere. However, you also find out about your coworkers on a personal level. Community managers give workers as many opportunities as possible to be an active community member. This way, workers can be as involved in the shared office community as they see fit.


Facilitate networking


One major advantage of coworking over working from home is networking. You constantly meet new people in the office and develop meaningful relationships over time. Community managers refer to this type of networking as “natural networking”. The break room is often suggested as a perfect spot for you to share a meal and engaging conversation with your coworkers.


A shared office strives to achieve a free exchange of information among coworkers. Some community managers even recommend that you host a few office hours every couple weeks to provide expertise to your coworkers. You may just find someone to hire for help with client work or obtain a referral!


Encourage collaboration


Connecting with many other highly-skilled workers naturally leads to collaboration opportunities. In fact, common freelancers who use coworking include web developers, graphic designers, and digital marketing managers. This collective knowledge can be applied to current client work and new projects.


The best part is that you can collaborate often since you’re in the same physical location. No need to hassle with conference calls and meetings. Also, you can even collaborate with multiple people to form a small team. There have been many success stories of coworkers in shared workspaces starting a new, joint business!


What We Learned


Community managers strive to create a welcoming environment in shared offices. They coordinate events to build community among coworkers. In addition, they encourage collaboration and networking to create an open exchange of knowledge. Find out how you can save on your budget through coworking spaces.