Creative Ways to Integrate Your Coworking Space into Your Content Marketing

Congrats! You are renting a coworking space and are enjoying the many perks of having an office, a community, and a hub for your business. You have access to internet and state of the art meeting spaces for your clients. However, you may not realize you also have an opportunity to market yourself in some [...]

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What is Hot Desking and Why is Everyone Talking About It?

Hot Desking...if you’re just hearing this term for the first time, you probably have some pretty crazy ideas of what it could be. Some common first lines of thought include, “Smoking at a desk?” “Doing something wild with coworkers around and not getting caught?” The list goes on. But it’s actually much more Harvard Business [...]

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3 Fail Proof Ways to Network In Your New Coworking Space

 Well, you did it. You bit the bullet and finally purchased a space at your local coworking office. They assigned you a desk, your laptop is plugged-in and you can feel a million ideas you’ve had conjured up waiting to come to life. But one of the things you’re really looking forward to? Connecting with [...]

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Benefits Of Working In Our Deer Valley Office

Working in our Deer Valley office location is a mecca for biz owners, freelancers and anyone on an entrepreneurial or work-from-home journey looking to have their own space, network with fellow creatives + experience the ways of office culture without the typical nuances of office-culture grinding you into the limestone. With private offices, meeting rooms, [...]

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5 Reasons Why Every Freelancer Needs a Coworking Space

Every freelancer has been there. You’re working from home for the the 20th day in a row. You’re able to see laundry piling up in the corner of your eye, the neighbors mowing their lawn right when you need to hop on an important client call (again) and you haven’t spoken to anyone but the [...]

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Why You Need a Private Office in Temecula, CA

  Temecula, CA has a lot to offer as a location for your private office space. It’s a bustling area with lots of projected growth for many large companies. With its warm weather and multitude of wineries, you can’t go wrong. Growth and opportunity. Temecula has recently been the new home to many large companies [...]

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Coworking in Carlsbad

Choosing your coworking space location can be essential to your business depending on what is located around you, how easy you are to find and who else does business in the space. The locale itself is important to maintain a happy and healthy work-life balance. The office is a place you should enjoy coming to, [...]

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How to Make the Most Out of a Shared Workspace

  If you’re used to working from home or on your own out of cafes and coffee shops, transitioning into a shared workspace can mean some adjustments. There are many great reasons to cowork, but sometimes there are missed opportunities if you don’t take advantage of everything they have to offer. Pick your place strategically. [...]

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Coworking: Build Better Relationships

So you work in a shared office space and encounter other business owners and entrepreneurs. Sometimes it’s difficult to know how to approach networking with people in your everyday space because they may or may not have a direct connection to your business. When it comes to networking, just because there is not a clear [...]

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3 ways OffiCentric solves your common work-from-home issues

Working from home seems like a dream come true: No commute, no uniform, no cubicle. Sounds like paradise to those of us who have spent years in the traditional 9 – 5 grind. While there are plenty of amazing benefits of work-from-home situations, there are definitely a few drawbacks that can cause productivity to dip. OffiCentric, [...]

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