Why You Should Open Up Your General Office Space

Collaboration is the beating heart of today’s workforce. At companies both big and small, employees are constantly working with both their internal teams and across departments. Yet, the usual layout for general office spaces keeps workers apart through cubicles, partitions, and other means of separation. In this post, we explain the need to open up [...]

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How to Keep Your Privacy in a Coworking Space

Coworking spaces, which emphasize openness, might seem like a tough place to keep your privacy when needed. We could use a little peace and quiet sometimes to get our work done. Those few minutes or hours are precious because we can clearly focus on the task at hand. But, you’d be surprised to know that [...]

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How Coworking Supports Workers: Single vs. Multiple

You’ve seen how coworking spaces tighten the lid on company spending and make collaboration easier. But, you may still wonder how a shared workspace can help you with your specific needs. After all, you may be a freelancer, solopreneur, or a business with multiple employees.   However, coworking is a flexible solution that can be [...]

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Coworking Roundup: Industry News from 2017

We've rounded up what you need to know about the latest in coworking in 2017. Major Points of Interest Nearly 1.2 million people have worked in a coworking space Small businesses account for nearly half of all workers in coworking spaces U.S. coworking industry now totals over 27 million square feet New York, Chicago, Los [...]

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Officentric Pro Tip: Influencer Marketing for Entrepreneurs

Word-of-mouth marketing is still the most powerful form of marketing. People are much more likely to trust products and services based on a recommendation from friends or industry experts than an advertisement. This is why influencer marketing is so important! You’ve probably already come across this idea in your business. They’re called referrals! Imagine having [...]

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Around the Town: Carlsbad, CA October Networking

Take a few seconds today to put down your work and take a walk outside. Bask in the Carlsbad sun and listen to the waves nestle onto the shore. As a busy entrepreneur, we know that life is often busy and stressful. But, it’s important to stay in the know about business events around the area. [...]

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The Best Coworking Plan: Daily vs. Weekly vs. Monthly

You know that coworking provides an affordable shared space where you can work near and network with fellow entrepreneurs and small business owners. Now, you may be looking at your budget and trying to figure out the best coworking plan. Should you come in for a day or have the convenience of a longer-term coworking [...]

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How On Site Community Managers Form Friendly Shared Offices

Shared workspaces are an opportunity for entrepreneurs and small business owners to leave the isolation of working from home. But, you might wonder how new members fit into a shared office community. You can leave your fears behind. On site community managers help you transition smoothly into a shared office with events, workshops, and celebrations. [...]

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5 Benefits of On-Demand Meeting Spaces for Better Meetings

Meeting clients or coworkers at a coffee shop creates a relaxing environment to talk business. Yet, you may have times where you want a professional setting to conduct business. With on-demand meeting spaces, you have the ability to reserve a fully-furnished room with available conference equipment and catering services. Let’s cover five benefits of using [...]

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Get More Eyes On Your Brand Through a Shared Workspace

Promoting your brand is a constant challenge that takes consistent effort and time. It pays off to be well-known in your industry and acquire more leads, customers, and revenue. But, your schedule is jam-packed with client work and the time you do have to promote your business is limited.   Through coworking, you can expend [...]

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