Social Media for Business in 2017

By now, most businesses have realized that social media is a necessity to stay relevant. However, now that there are constant changes and new developments--it’s becoming less and less clear how to use social media in a strategic way to grow your customer base and following. Here are some tips for using social media for [...]

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Coworking Trends and Predictions for 2017

With reports that coworking is on the rise, it may seem natural to wonder what the future looks like. How true are these reports and what does it mean for you as an entrepreneur or business owner? It’s not a trend. Forbes has reported that freelancers now make up 35% of the workforce. With freelancers [...]

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5 Things Productive People Do

Our OffiCentric team has compiled a list of 5 things productive people do on a regular basis to get the most out of their work day and feel extra accomplished when the weekend comes. 1. They have a morning routine. The most productive people know that mornings are a crucial part of the day that [...]

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Coworking: Build Better Relationships

So you work in a shared office space and encounter other business owners and entrepreneurs. Sometimes it’s difficult to know how to approach networking with people in your everyday space because they may or may not have a direct connection to your business. When it comes to networking, just because there is not a clear [...]

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3 ways OffiCentric solves your common work-from-home issues

Working from home seems like a dream come true: No commute, no uniform, no cubicle. Sounds like paradise to those of us who have spent years in the traditional 9 – 5 grind. While there are plenty of amazing benefits of work-from-home situations, there are definitely a few drawbacks that can cause productivity to dip. OffiCentric, [...]

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How to Make Freelance Life Work

Many of our Officentric clients are living the freelance life which often entails non-traditional work spaces, hours outside of the normal 9 - 5, and an ever-changing client list. Be it design, writing or other, here are a few of our top tips for breaking into a freelance career. 5 keys to living a #freelancelife: [...]

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How To Avoid The Hidden Costs of Private Offices

For entrepreneurs, freelancers and other work-at-homers, it can be tempting to seek a private office to call home. Rather than carry the full financial burden of an office, OffiCentric provides affordable, flexible shared office solutions that fit the needs of today's changing workforce. Simpy put:  Share space. Save money. Heres how: UTILITIES When renting a private [...]

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Top 5 Benefits of Coworking

One of the joys of many freelance and contract positions is flexibility. Flexibility to sleep in and work later. Flexibility to work from home in whatever attire you should choose. So, why with that desirable flexibility, would one choose to go into an office? Coworking isn’t about going into an office setting because you have [...]

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Coworking Statistics You Should See

Coworking is having it's day in the spotlight and for good reason. With the number of coworking spaces doubling each year, this is a topic that needs attention. If you've ever wondered, who is coworking and why this might just be your answer. Here is one of our favorite coworking infographics, courtesy of  

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What is “Coworking”

It’s safe to say you have heard of coworkers, but what about “coworking”? These spaces, like Officentric, bring together primarily entrepreneurs, work-at-home employees, independent contractors and those in the creative fields, and give them a dedicated, yet flexible area to work and collaborate. According to the all-knowing Wikipedia, coworking is a “style of work that [...]

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